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How to Set the Best Price for Your Product

setting priceWhatever you’re selling it must be priced to appeal to your target market. Too expensive and you won’t sell any, too cheap and you won’t earn enough profit to stay in business long enough to repay your initial financial investment.

From now on start becoming price aware. Whenever you see products or services that you’re thinking of offering in your business, stop and really look at what price they are being sold at. [Read more…]

How To Make A Killer Sales Presentation (3)

Inviting people in

Display a notice on your door. Something like, `Please do come in and browse -you’re under no obligation whatsoever to buy anything.’ [Read more…]

How To Make A Killer Sales Presentation (2)

display_productsDisplaying Your Product

Next time you’re out for a Sunday afternoon stroll, take a closer look at why you want to spend time looking in some windows and not in others. It’s all to do with presentation. Most antique shops have retail display down to a fine art, as do successful florists. It’s all about display. Even the most mundane product can be made to look appealing in the right window. [Read more…]