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Building Your Mailing List

mailing listBut if you’re selling your goods at craft fairs, exhibitions and other retail outlets the chances are you won’t be able to get names and addresses. Don’t despair    there’s a simple way around this. All you have to do is include a copy of your current newsletter with everyone’s purchase.

Make sure also that you give a copy to anyone who browses your stand. The trick here is to get as many copies of your newsletter out as possible. [Read more…]

Ways to Make Your Referral Scheme Work

referral_program1.  Offer a desirable gift, but something that is not going to cost your business a fortune. For example you could offer a gift voucher that can be redeemed against future orders. The advantage here is that not only are you getting new customers referred to your business, but you are also encouraging existing customers to buy again so they can use the gift voucher.

2.  Set a deadline for when the offer expires. Remember that to make this scheme work you need to create a sense of urgency. Your aim is to get your customers referring their friends to you within a certain period of time if they are to qualify for their incentive. [Read more…]

Avoid Getting Listed in Credit Card Black Book!


When you were still study in college, have you ever heard about the phrase ‘black book’? Well, it’s not the book which has a black color as its cover but a book which contain of the list of troubled student inside. Well, in business world we do have ‘black book’ too, because normally there are some troubled businessmen out there. [Read more…]