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Types of Seminars: Webinars (2)

As with live seminars, some webinars are free and others charge a fee. You need to have a large database to make webinars work for you as only a small percentage of those you invite will participate. [Read more…]

Types of Seminars: Webinars

Webinars (web seminars) are live seminars conducted using the Internet. Your webinar is open to anyone, irrespective of where they live, as long as the time suits them. Most are short—about 90 minutes. Participants watching a webinar see the presenter, PowerPoint presentations and pages from websites. [Read more…]

Small Seminars for Professional Services (2)

Maister recommends that the seating is random. You must assign one partner or staff member to sit with five prospects. The partner or staff member converses with these prospects, making it known they’ve done their homework by asking relevant questions about each of their businesses. [Read more…]