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Planning Your Seminars (3)

The advantage of a breakfast seminar is that you catch people before they get caught up in their day. The advantage of an early evening event is that they are more relaxed, no longer worrying about what they have to do that day. If it isn’t practical to hold a seminar in your own office, you’ll need to hire a venue. [Read more…]

Planning Your Seminars (2)

In my observation, seminars tend to be most heavily promoted about six weeks in advance. Choose a day of the week that will appeal to your target audience. Most seminars are held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but if you know a Monday or Friday will suit your customers and prospects, hold your event on those days. [Read more…]

Planning Your Seminars

Many people when they start out have unrealistic expectations about how many people will attend their seminars. Only a small percentage of the people you reach will attend, so unless you have a large database or a speaker that people will queue to listen to, plan for small numbers and advertise that there will be limited places. [Read more…]