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Ask people to send you business and they will (II)

How do you ask your customers to refer your business? There are a couple of options and it really depends on the type of business you run. A consulting firm might simply make it a closing statement at the end of the project: ‘Thank you for your business and please tell your associates about the work we do’. It may be more formal, by mail, or a sign on the wall that says, ‘If you are happy with what we do please tell your friends’. [Read more…]

Why is It so Important to Backup Our Files?


Today there are many inventions that will human being live more comfortable. There is a lot of invention that makes human being easy in working, travelling, communication, and many more. The existence of the new technology brings good things for human beings.

The companies, banks, offices, other institutions use computer in running the work. They have a lot of data and files in the computers. Of course all the data is important.  So it is important to save the data and files safely. How to make the data and files that they save in the computer still safe? As we know that the data and files in the computer can be lose if the computer is out of order. And we cannot get back the lost data and files. If this happens we are really in big trouble. [Read more…]

Computer and Data


Saving files and data is our daily activity in this computer’s era. More and more people use computer to help them doing their work. We can see that almost everybody have a computer or a laptop. Day by day there are many things that can do by computer. More things are being systemized to increase the productivity and accuracy. [Read more…]