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The Risks Involved in Buying an REO

Frequently such REO sales are as is. This means that no matter what problems the property has, they’re yours. Further, the lender may not know what those problems are—hence, you won’t get much from the seller’s disclosures. [Read more…]

Buying Things Online

e-commerceThe number of internet users increases rapidly due to several reasons. Using internet enables people doing many things easier. Internet gives easiness for people in working and in communications. In the working area, employers can do their work from home. In the communication area, we can have conference with partners in other countries and continents cheaply – only need Internet access. The existence of internet also brings a new lifestyle in human’s life, especially shopping online. [Read more…]

Making an Offer on an REO

Once you find a property you’re interested in, you’ll make an offer either directly to the lender or through its agent. Your offer is similar to what you’ll make on any property. But you must be sure that you include specific demands such as the following. [Read more…]