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Squeeze Your Best Vision Possible

Squeeze Your Best Vision PossibleIt’s okay to squeeze, to put your vision through the wringer. Question it, poke holes in it, rethink, rework. For example, if you’ve identified an area of competitive advantage, ask yourself what it really means and why you have it. If you have made assumptions about the future, question them. Challenge your predictions, reexamine your innovations, think through worst-case scenarios, kick the strategic tires. [Read more…]

Be a Leader Not a Dictator!

Be a Leader Not a Dictator!vision. The difference between business and team vision is not whether you have it—good leaders have both—but how and when you communicate it. [Read more…]

Tips on Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for Pantry

Business is not only about money but also facilities that can support business owner and employees to do business activities. One of the facilities is pantry that is usually used by office boys/girls to make drinks and foods for business owner and employees. Unfortunately, some pantries sometimes don’t look interesting because business owner think that pantry is not main priority of business. But if you are a business owner, do you know that have a good panty at your office can make your business look comfortable to be used by your employees or even you? If you want to have a good pantry at your office, one of ways that you can do is buy kitchen cabinets to manage your kitchen appliances in your pantry. The problem is how to choose the right kitchen cabinets for your pantry? Actually, you don’t need to worry about it because you can have it if you follow these tips. [Read more…]