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Give the Best for Your Employees

Maintain good relationship with your business partners are must. Even though you should sacrifice your time and money to keep this relationship, it doesn’t matter because it’s worth it. Apart from your business partner, actually there is another important thing that you should also keep. It is about keeping your relationship with your employees because they also support your business. Do you realize about this thing? If you don’t, you should open your mind and start to build good relationship with your employee. Of course to do it, you should give the best for your employees. You can give your employees:

1. Proper salary

Give proper salary for your employees on time is a way to build good relationship among you and your employees. You should also give extra salary to employees who work extra or overtime so they feel comfortable to work at your office.

2. Bonus

Give some bonuses to your employees like tour package or extra money if they work more than others. You can also invite your employees to eat together with you at restaurant or hotel and listen to their critics and suggestions for you and/or vice versa.

3.Health Cost

Not only about financial that you should notice but also about your employees’ health. You should ensure their health cost if they get unnecessary accidents or you can use health care cost service from Incenta Health. By using this service, you can get two advantages, first you can reduce health care cost and second, your employees can monitor their health especially if they get obesity problems.

These three things are important so if you really want your business run smoothly and make conducive situation and condition at your office, you should do these things correctly. Good relationship will make everything be okay. :)

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