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Being a Decisive Leader

Being a Decisive LeaderLeaders make hundreds, even thousands, of decisions a day. It is vital that leaders be decisive. They cannot shy away from tough decisions, nor can they go back on a decision once it’s been made. I see decisions clearly and make them quickly.

That’s why I is able to work so fast, and that’s why my company is agile. I is decisive even when I doesn’t have as much information as I would like. And I prioritize. When I’s on the phone at the Bada Bing and a call comes through that can’t wait, I doesn’t hesitate, just moves on to the emergency. And I stick with my decisions.

I get a lot of flack for making Gigi Cestone a captain instead of Ralph, but I stands by my decision. Decisiveness combines art and science, information and execution. In order to make good decisions and make them fast, leaders must listen and communicate well. In order to implement decisions well, they must act swiftly and delegate effectively.

CEOs spend over half their time listening to others. Sam Walton urges leaders to “Listen to everyone in your company, and figure out ways to get them talking.”1 Just watch I. I’s always getting reports, chatting, talking on the phone: listening.

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