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How to Communicate Well with your Employee?

How to Communicate Well with your Employee“We are learning how to communicate,” I say. I know the importance of good communication. Good communication is the lifeblood of any relationship or organization. And communication takes many forms, including writing, speaking and listening. Part of deciding well is communicating well.

And part of good communication is choosing the most effective form, the right medium for the message. If you need to question a decision, or comment on someone’s behavior in this morning’s meeting, a frank one-on-one chat will probably work best.

If you’re asking or answering a quick question, use email. Need something more permanent? Try a letter or memo. And remember, communicating faster saves time. If you can condense that email, do so. Find ways to make reports more concise, and you’ll save everyone some time.

Good communication means understanding the audience, choosing the right means of communication and simplifying the message. When I give the befuddled Christopher an ultimatum about going to Hollywood, I speak to him one-on-one and spell it out in no uncertain terms.

I am clear about what I want to say—and why. I always deliver the message succinctly, although most managers find it unnecessary to add I punctuation at the end of a message—a shove, punch or vise-like grip applied to the testicles.

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