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How to Share the Vision of Your Company?

How to Share the Vision of Your CompanyTake time to share your vision of your company or organization, and encourage others to grow and share their vision:

  • Start with short-term goals.
  • Move on to long-term goals: where are we going, how do we get there.
  • Help people to stay current with trends affecting your industry, clients or competitors.
  • Help people to think creatively about your industry, trends, technologies.
  • Talk about strategies and long-term goals. Share your vision.

A shared vision becomes a basis for trust and a cornerstone of delegation. It’s because I knows that Sil and Paulie share my vision for the company that I is able to say “Take care of it” and know that they will get it right, whatever the project is. Pfizer CEO Hank Mc Kinnell has a simple response when people ask my advice on a particular project: “Understand the vision and values of the organization. Then you figure it out.”

I have a vision for the success of my business, the sanctity of my home, the growth of my family, and I’s working to make it happen. The Newark esplanade, protection from the FBI, and Meadow and A.J. going to college—these are the stars I steers by.

Maybe I’ll achieve them and maybe I won’t, but I’m sure going to try. As Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton puts it: “Commit to your goals.”

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