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Squeeze Your Best Vision Possible (2)

Squeeze Your Best Vision Possible2Given the past strategies of former CEOs interested in everything from e-commerce opportunities to sports nutrition bars and other research-intensive products, Clara’s vision is nothing short of a revolution for the company.

Clara turns her vision into a business strategy supporting specific tactics and goals, and she shares that vision. The marketing group reshuffles budgets, increases ad spending on the core brands and squeezes budgets of the less profitable products and untested gambles.

Research and production move toward a more streamlined organization, outsourcing anything that is not a core function. Clara changes gears on acquisitions, looking to buy proven products already out of the gate, rather than always developing new ones in-house.

She builds up management teams around the top brands and essential projects. She extends the top brands via new products, aiming at new markets and demographics. Clara’s goals are increased market share and profits, not media attention or new products.

She makes projections, defines ways to judge whether and how much the core brands perform better, measures profit margins and market share. Over time she reassesses and revises her vision and the paths to get there.

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