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What is Shared Vision?

What is Shared VisionA shared vision is a million times more valuable than silent vision. That’s why many of I’s business meetings with my capos are equal part tactics and vision. I keeps their eyes on the prize—winning construction contracts rather than stealing fiber-optic cable.

And I build trust, gathers feedback and instills a sense of unity by sharing my vision. It is incumbent upon leaders to articulate and communicate their vision, to explain and discuss strategic goals to their teams, listen to feedback and review and revise both vision and strategy.

Indeed, it is up to the leader to ensure that vision and values are shared and that teams and organizations are committed to common goals. Some CEOs hold town hall meetings to communicate vision and elicit feedback.

Many team leaders hold “lunch and learn” meetings where someone presents the findings of a recent study, reports on a new book or trade show I attended. The idea is to get people to think in terms of market trends, big picture issues, vision and strategy. Whatever form they take, it’s a good idea to hold meetings that are not about a particular client or project.


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