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A Wrong Decision Is Better Than Indecision

A Wrong Decision Is Better Than IndecisionHere is what I think on decisiveness: “A wrong decision is better than indecision.” And I practices what I preaches. When my uncle’s team threatens one of I’s people, I takes action, sends them a message. Not weeks or days later—hours later.

I make tough decisions and make them fast. And I am willing and able to take responsibility for my decisions. Although decisions must be made fast and constantly, the right decision has many building blocks, among them the ability to see the future and think strategically, the capacity to listen and communicate effectively, and an aptitude for execution.

It is because I have an unfaltering sense of my business and the leadership ability to communicate and get things done that I am able to make decisions fast and ensure that they are executed well. Only rarely, only when a situation is very complicated, do you hear I say that I need to think about something for a while, and even then, I usually have an answer and a specific action plan within a day.

For example, I weigh the dangers of clipping the boss of a New York crime family and decide against the hit. Sure, I sometimes goes back on what I’s decided (especially in light of new evidence), and I often analyzes a decision more carefully after the fact to make sure I reached the right decision. Sometimes a leader can go back on a decision; a lot of times I can’t.

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