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Offer Customers Referral Incentives

referalThe insurance business relies heavily on successfully targeting their existing satisfied customers to introduce them to new customers, often in areas where previously they have been unsuccessful.

Referrals work on the basis that if your customers are happy with your products and services, they should be encouraged to recommend your business to everyone they think might benefit from what you’re offering. [Read more…]

Honda Hold Share Buyback to Repair The Broken Factory

Honda Motor postpone plans to buy back shares outstanding (buybacks) this year. Management said the delay was only temporary. Suspension must be done because Honda costly post-earthquake damage to the factory after Japan, March. [Read more…]

UBS AG and Credit Suisse Is Going to Leave Switzerland

Credit SuisseThe Wall Street Journal preach the possibility of transferring operations of two giant Swiss bank. Both are UBS AG and Credit Suisse. Banks will be forced to leave Switzerland because of the local banking authorities to provide capital adequacy standards are burdensome.

Swiss National Bank (SNB) requires that the two banks that have the power of capital or capital adequacy ratio (CAR) above 19%. Deputy Head of the SNB, Thomas Jordan, asserted, policies regarding capital constraints would not necessarily reduce the competitiveness of the two largest Swiss banks. [Read more…]