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The Importance of Mobile Phone Spy Software for Your Business

mobile spyDealing with ineffective employees is one of the biggest problems in a business because they affect company’s productivity and reputation. If you are currently in this situation, don’t be panic and get stressed because you can solve this problem on your own. Apart from monitoring their computer usages, like by blocking access to certain websites and using monitoring software, you are also strongly suggested to use mobile phone spy software, especially if you equip your workers with company’s mobile phone to execute their tasks. Here are the functions you’ll get: [Read more…]

Things to Do to Run a Project

project managementIf you have a business, you certainly have many projects as parts of your business’ activities. However, each project has different duration, starting date, estimated ended date, human resources, natural resources, etc. To avoid you getting problem in managing the projects, you need to follow these things: [Read more…]

Keeping Track of Your Business’s Finances

accounting flowMoney is a very crucial thing in the business, so it’s very important to record the history of each transactions, both incoming and outgoing cash. The ability to track back the financial transactions is not only useful for the management, but also when there’s tax inspections and audits held by government. [Read more…]