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Save Your Money

saving moneyMoney has important role in human’s life; even children age 5 already understand that when they have money they can buy the toys they want. It is said that money and finance have relations that cannot be separated.  Finance can be said as how to manage money well. Without ability to manage your money, it doesn’t matter how much money you earn, you’ll always run out money. In contrast, some families that have a very limited income could survive and/or even pay their children’s college fee.

Guys, how do you manage your money currently? You already know that money has important role in human’s life, so in daily life human’s activities do everything that related with money. They work to earn money to support themselves or their family. They use their income for many kinds of needs in life, such as paying monthly bills, having recreation, paying education for children, etc. On the other hand, they also need so save or invest their money. It’s not a wise decision to spend all money we have for consumptive purpose. If they’re care about their future, they should save money in bank(s).

Saving money is a must since it is very important for everybody, including children. As parents, we should teach our children not to spend all of the pocket money they receive, but to save it in banks and give it to poor. Saving money brings many benefits to us, especially when we need money for sudden demand. Imagine this: if you don’t have any savings, you will get into trouble to overcome your problem. That’s why you have to save your money beside to spend your money for daily needs.

save our moneyActually having money is a pleasure. But you have to be wise to manage your money.  Try to make list about the things that you want to buy if you want to go shopping. As you know there are many temptations when you go shopping. Sale and big discount everywhere, so it makes you buy the things that you don’t need. Going shopping is enjoyable, but be wise with your money is more enjoyable. Start becoming a financial manager for yourself.

Now, how many saving accounts do you have? One, two, or more? If you only have one saving account, I bet that you use the only account to receive your salary each month. After that, you’ll use the money for paying the house installments, the bills, food and beverage. Then, you’ll realize that your money runs out before the next salary payment, so you never think about saving your money, right? You have nothing left in your account

You should change your perceptions into a better one. You should think and prepare for your future. I really recommend you to allocate money you receive to be saved in bank soon after you receive the money. As the beginning, you can see the saving accounts comparison from LoveMoney. Open a new bank account with higher interest but suits with your ability to save money. It’s a good idea to ask your children to save their pocket money too. I’m sure that you’ll be challenged to do this regularly, especially when you see your children’s motivation to save money regularly.