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Crafting Compelling Two-Step Offer (2)

  • Crafting Compelling2A free session with your assessment team to see if the prospect qualifies to become your client or customer. If you have a high-profile consulting practice, sell exclusive dealerships by territory, or otherwise limit whom you sell to, you can [Read more…]

Crafting Compelling Two-Step Offer

Crafting CompellingA two-step offer that convinces someone to take the next step—to call for more information, to click through to a Web site, or to schedule an appointment with a customer-care representative—will be successful only if the “next step” item is valuable and appealing. What can you offer? [Read more…]

What Does a Two-Step Campaign Look Like? (2)

Campaign Look Like2Add up all your costs—the hard cost of the sample, the mailing envelope, the postage, the call center, your staff costs—then truthfully tell respondents that you’re providing the sample at your actual cost. Don’t round up to the nearest dollar. [Read more…]