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How to Resolve Credit Card Debt Problem?

Some businessmen have glamor lifestyle to look elegant ever superior in front of other businessmen. They are usually willing to use their credit card to buy branded products such as: Hermes for clothes, LV for bag, Guess for watch, etc. that are (very) expensive. Thus, sooner or later they will sink in credit card debt problem. If they cannot pay off their debts, they will sell their personal or business assets that cause their businesses collapse and even get bankruptcy problem. [Read more…]

Quick Ways to Establish a Credit History

You want to get a mortgage tomorrow, and you don’t have a credit history. What do you do? Here are some tricks that you can use to let a lender know you pay your bills on time. [Read more…]

Get a Copy of Your Credit Report Part 2

Today many banks offer these almost automatically to their customers.

Once you have the debit card, use it frequently as a way of establishing that you can manage such an item. After a few months, ask your bank to establish an overdraft line of credit to cover your checking account. [Read more…]