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The Risks Involved in Buying an REO

Frequently such REO sales are as is. This means that no matter what problems the property has, they’re yours. Further, the lender may not know what those problems are—hence, you won’t get much from the seller’s disclosures. [Read more…]

The Foreclosure Opportunity

The foreclosure process offers different opportunities at different times in the process . . . and different risks as well. In order to understand when you can buy and what the stakes are, it’s important to understand the process. [Read more…]

Buying Foreclosure Part 1

Whenever the real estate market cools down a bit, home buyers begin wondering if they should look into purchasing a foreclosure. (A foreclosure is a property that the owner has lost, or is losing, to a lender such as a bank.) Foreclosures have the reputation of being great deals—you pay less for the property and sometimes can get smaller monthly payments. [Read more…]