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Be a Leader Not a Dictator!

Be a Leader Not a Dictator!vision. The difference between business and team vision is not whether you have it—good leaders have both—but how and when you communicate it. [Read more…]

6 Steps of Finding Home Business (3)

4. Following the trend
By following trends, you can take advantage of market needs and create the highest return for minimal investment of time. Ten years ago, Kay said, there is no such thing as a virtual personal assistant profession. But now in America, busy working mothers and corporate executives who want to make sure their household bills paid and paid their gardener. [Read more…]

6 Steps of Finding Home Business (2)

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2. Focus on the needs of people
A small business owner or home business owner successful because of what is needed to target other people. It takes time to succeed. There was no instant success. Ellie Kay has been proved. When he first started his business “Shop, Save, and Share Seminar”, Kay does not enjoy a profit for three years. Though the target is clear, namely the financial needs of mothers who stay at home and the mothers who try to get out of debt. Nine years running, Kay businesses generate significant profits. Kay even managed to establish a nonprofit organization. [Read more…]