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Advantage of Car Insurance

Two months ago, my uncle got an accident when he was driving his car. His car’s casing was broken and he should be treated in hospital for a week. My parents and I visited him in hospital. At that moment, he really got in trouble because he should pay medical cost and repair his car. [Read more…]

Insurance for Our Future

There are many types of insurances that are used by many people, like health, homeowner, car, etc. I believe some of you have ever heard or bought these insurances. As we know, insurance is like a treasure to our future because we cannot predict what will happen in the future, right? That’s why we need insurance. [Read more…]

Buying a House Part 3

Personal Property. Items included in a sale of real estate that are not part of the house.

Points. Charges imposed by lenders for providing loans (one point equals one percent of the amount borrowed).

Premium. The cost of a homeowners or other insurance policy.

Real Estate Contract. The document that sets forth the terms of a sale of property from a seller to a buyer. [Read more…]