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Building Your Mailing List

mailing listBut if you’re selling your goods at craft fairs, exhibitions and other retail outlets the chances are you won’t be able to get names and addresses. Don’t despair¬†¬†¬† there’s a simple way around this. All you have to do is include a copy of your current newsletter with everyone’s purchase.

Make sure also that you give a copy to anyone who browses your stand. The trick here is to get as many copies of your newsletter out as possible. [Read more…]

Include a Mail Order Facility In Your Business

mail_facilityI believe every business that sells a product should have way customers buy their goods via mail order.

Let’s go back to the homemade soap business example again.

Here you are selling a unique, desirable product to customers who visit your shop, stand, stall or car boot. Chances are that many of these customers do not live in your immediate area and probably won’t be able to return to buy some more. The product itself can be posted almost anywhere relatively inexpensively, which makes it ideal for mail order. Yet an amazing number of businesses ignore the potential additional sales that mail order can bring. [Read more…]