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Buying from the Lender

money 8 268x300 Buying from the Lender In most cases the lender is the one who buys the property on the courthouse steps. After all, it has the full value of the mortgage (plus back interest and penalties) to apply to the purchase price. [Read more...]

Buying on the Courthouse Steps

mortgage 03 Buying on the Courthouse Steps The second opportunity to buy a property in foreclosure is when the court or the trustee sells it to the highest bidder “on the courthouse steps.” (Don’t laugh; many times this is quite literal—the deal is done on the steps.) [Read more...]

The Foreclosure Opportunity

Foreclosure1 300x225 The Foreclosure Opportunity The foreclosure process offers different opportunities at different times in the process . . . and different risks as well. In order to understand when you can buy and what the stakes are, it’s important to understand the process. [Read more...]