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Should You Charge for Your Seminars? (4)

If you charge, you can encourage participants to register early by providing an early bird discount. This is a two-edged sword though, as in my experience people either register early or at the last minute and if you have an early bird discount, you risk losing the last-minute registrations. Deciding how much to charge is often difficult. [Read more…]

Should You Charge for Your Seminars? (3)

Prospects don’t have anything to lose by not turning up and they’ll often make that decision at the last moment and won’t bother letting you know. You can minimise the risk of ‘no shows’ by sending personal invitations and keeping your numbers small. If you do decide to run free seminars, one way of reducing the costs and time involved is to run a seminar with another related small business. [Read more…]

Should You Charge for Your Seminars? (2)

You can, of course, follow up afterwards and at this stage you can talk about your business and ask for referrals. If you run a free seminar for prospects, there is often an unspoken assumption that while you will give away some interesting information, your seminar will also be a sales pitch. [Read more…]