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Increasing Sales

Finding your new business face either monotonous or down sales you should improve it soon unless slowly your business will stop. Work hard from now to make the sales increase and get profit match with you expect. You can apply these ways: [Read more…]

Five Ways to Turbo-Boost Your Sales

Business-SalesMy top five recommendations for turbo-boosting your sales:

1. Accept credit and debit cards.

2. Include a mail order facility.

3. Offer customer referral incentives.

4. Publish your own newsletter.

5. Send a card. [Read more…]

How To Make A Killer Sales Presentation

dressing_wellOne of the most powerful selling techniques I know is simply to present both yourself and your product with the utmost respect, which means dressing appropriately and packaging your product correctly.

Dressing well

When I meet a prospective client for the first time I dress appropriately. Although most people say they wouldn’t mind their landscape gardener turning up covered in mud, sweat and cement, often they do. And even if they wouldn’t be put off, I still wouldn’t turn up looking like this – because it would put me off. [Read more…]