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Get Extra Mileage Out of Your Seminar

Everyone who comes to your seminars needs to walk away with something to remember you by. Your phone number needs to be handy when they decide they want your products or services. So give everyone who attends something to walk away with. This may be a folder with a copy of the presentation notes, some material about your business, your business card, or a small gift, such as a pen with your name and logo on it. [Read more…]

Planning Your Seminars (3)

The advantage of a breakfast seminar is that you catch people before they get caught up in their day. The advantage of an early evening event is that they are more relaxed, no longer worrying about what they have to do that day. If it isn’t practical to hold a seminar in your own office, you’ll need to hire a venue. [Read more…]

Planning Your Seminars (2)

In my observation, seminars tend to be most heavily promoted about six weeks in advance. Choose a day of the week that will appeal to your target audience. Most seminars are held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but if you know a Monday or Friday will suit your customers and prospects, hold your event on those days. [Read more…]