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Online Personal Shopping Services

Shopping Management engineOnline personal shopping services are provided by many dozens of companies and they work on a similar principle to search engines. A customer selects the criteria they need for a specific product or service, and the shopping software crawls the web in search of the best deal. This is a big benefit to the consumer, who often doesn’t have time to conduct individual searches and compare features, customer ratings and prices on every product. When used wisely by companies from a marketing standpoint, these CSM services can be another very useful tool in building their customer base and beating out the competition. [Read more…]

Small Seminars for Professional Services (2)

Maister recommends that the seating is random. You must assign one partner or staff member to sit with five prospects. The partner or staff member converses with these prospects, making it known they’ve done their homework by asking relevant questions about each of their businesses. [Read more…]

Small Seminars for Professional Services

In Managing the Professional Services Firm, David H. Maister (1997, pp. 121–4) gives some guidelines on how professional firms can have highly individualised face-to-face dialogue with prospects at seminars. He says: [Read more…]